la maison maison olga

Olga is the story of a friendship that brings together France and Italy.

Three initials that stem from Laurence, Giulia and Alberto give birth to Olga, a free, androgynous and refined woman.


After years of acquiring experience at Louis Vuitton for Laurence and at Prada for Giulia, they both started to feel a mounting desire to express their personalities through their own creations. They settled down at a new address and Maison Olga is born.


The first collection, released in the spring of 2011 is made in Italy by a weaver who deals exclusively with luxury brands. Maison Olga created the mainly knitwear line with what is to be their trademark of linking creativity with a keen eye and constant attention to detail.


Every new season resonates as a journey through Giulia and Laurence's interpretation of the countries they have visited and loved.